Our Curriculum


At Early Start Academy, we describe the teacher’s role as an ongoing cycle of observing, guiding and assessing children. Our curriculum addresses learning through child-led activities to take advantage of the natural curiosity exhibited by children at an early age. Hands-on activities and projects are used to encourage thorough understanding by tying learning to memorable events.

In implementing the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, Two’s and Preschoolers we’ve learned how to motivate children, build on their prior knowledge and strengths and support their learning in an intentional way by using a variety of strategies to increase their knowledge, skills and understanding. Our #1 goal is to enhance the social emotional, physical, cognitive and language development of our children.

The Creative Curriculum translates new research and theory from the field of early childhood education into a practical, easy to understand approach to working with children and their families. It is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear organizational structure and a particular focus on interest areas.

Visit Early Start Academy and see children exploring their interests and investigating the world around them through the implementation of The Creative Curriculum or visit for more information