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Meet Kim & Artez Adkins

Early Start Academy was the brainchild of entrepreneurial couple, Artez and Kim Adkins, whose core goal was to provide the best possible service to parents while ensuring an encouraging educational experience, promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development for the children. Being happily married with 3 children of their own, they understand every parent’s need for a safe, stimulating and caring environment for their children.

Artez has over 7 years’ experience as a Certified Service Consultant with a great deal of expertise in customer service strategies and management. He also serves as an Assistant Pastor at a local church and has continuously made a positive impact in the community.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences: Family Relations and Child Development. She has more than 18 years of child care experience having worked as Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher for Bright Horizon’s; Program Coordinator for Infants, Toddlers and Two’s for Bright Horizon’s, Quality Child Care Specialist for Orange County Early Head Start, and Director of Primary Colors Early Learning Center.

With their formidable experience, business acumen, and passion for the business, they have always ensured that Early Start Academy is the safest, most stimulating and caring environment for the children entrusted to them.